Damp, Spalling, Brick Repairs & Brick Replacements

The Brickwork of a Victorian Building is the skin of the structure. As such it needs to breath, heat up, cool down, absorb and release moisture as the weather and seasons dictate.

As Victorian Houses are built with a solid 9 inch brick wall backed internally with plaster work, there is no cavity like modern building specifications. Hence any excessive moisture will penetrate the brickwork and the plasterwork with disastrous consequences inside.

Damp and moisture ingress in Brickwork generally comes either from above  failed gutters or below failed damp proof course.  Fallen out missing Pointing and Spalling brickwork  is also a contributing factor to damp issues.

Brickwork covered by Paint or Pebbledash can trap moisture within the brickwork leading to damp and mould issues and to deterioration of the underlying bricks.

We at Brickclean London specialise in identifying such issues. We are frequently asked by Victorain property owners to remove the paint or pebbledash covering, to identify and address damp and brick deterioration issues and to restore the brickwork.

Please feel free to contact us for any such issues and a no obligation ‘fixed price’ quotation.