Pebble Dash Removal

Without Using Pebble Dash in wall of the House
After Using Pebble Dash In Wall of the House
Old wall of House
New Wall of House
‘Wandsworth Design Award’ (For Pebble Dash Removal & Brickwork Restoration; ‘Commended Contractors’)

Pebbledash Removal and Restoration of Underlying Brickwork to its Original Victorian Splendour

Are you keen to get rid of pebbledash from your London home?

Are you keen to enhance the visual look and the value of your home?

Highly skilled and experienced team at Brickclean London specialise in removal of pebbledash from the exterior of Victorian buildings.

Brickclean London carries out pebbledash removal as a part of the whole of a brickwork restoration job. A common misconception is that pebbledash cannot be removed without causing significant and irreversible damage. This is simply not the case. Brickclean London has developed the expertise not only to skillfully remove the pebbledash but also in restoration work of affected areas.

Brickclean London is one of the premier choices for pebbledash removal and brickwork restoration services in London. We specialise in this field.

Below is just one of the many projects we have worked on.

Before Wall Renovation of the House
After Wall Renovation of the House

Pebbledash covers up the attractive brickwork of Victorian Properties

In the 1970’s and early 1980’s covering the brickwork with pebbledash was seen as a solution to dirty and decaying brickwork. This meant that the beauty and appeal of the original Victorian brickwork style and architectural features were covered up. In fact pebbledash disfigured and devalued properties which has over time become obvious to all.

Removing Pebbledash Enhances the value of your property.

Removing the Pebbledash and Restoring the underlying Brickwork to its original Victorian appearance and showing off the original features will enhance the visual look and appeal of your home and increase its value. Over time more and more people are aware that the original Victorian brickwork is more appealing and bringing this feature back adds value to your property. The team at Brickclean London have the skill and expertise to restore the exterior brickwork of your home.

Pebbledash can trap Moisture and cause Damp Issues

Pebbledash can trap moisture in the brickwork leading to internal damp and mould problems. Removing it makes it much easier to inspect and treat any underlying damp issues.

What does the process of removing Pebbledash and Restoring the Brickwork involve?

Our team has the skill, expertise and technique required to remove pebbledash and to carry out restoration work.

It is vital to choose and hire professional experienced contractors to carry out this type of work. Brickclean London can ensure that the removal is done safely and efficiently.

Once the pebbledash is removed, the underlying brickwork will need restoration work such as brick repairs, brick replacements, raking out existing pointing and re-pointing. At Brickclean London such restoration work will be carried out by skilled and experienced brick restorers and pointers.

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